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What is Karate ?

KARATE: Kara meaning “Empty” Te meaning “Hand “Karate is a Japanese martial art, it is a system of self defense, It’s also known for punching ,kicking and striking techniques-includes grabbing and throwing techniques also. Karate Training goes for physical training too Self defense.

In our everyday lives we forget the value of Karate, the serious practice of Karate develop coordination , quick reflex, physical fitness, mental strength ,and also builds up stamina. It is an activity which is advantage for all, it is very important for a human life; ultimately it is a system of study for better life. The children are in our future, so our intent is to provide KARATE training for themselves, their needs to kyokushin Karate for progressing and at the same time have them understand the necessity of respect, manners, and discipline. Our purpose is teaching and development for students, Students of all levels will always be guided and encouraged their best to progress in life and achieve their goals. There is everything which you need if you are up to the challenge. We want to provide the ULTIMATE KARATE for everyone.