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Welcome, we are honored and humbled that you have decided to visit us today, we are proud for, our organization IKO Matsushima Kyokushin Karate Organization- India Branch (which is directly affiliated with IKO Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan Karate Organization Japan ) and led by Sensei Bejoy Kumar Dhara (Branch Chief & Representative - India). you can easily know who we are, follow our activity, get information about the different events, and track our progression, from our site you’ll quickly realize it’s not just a kicking and punching Organization, men, women, children and whole families have enrolled in our Organization for their several benefits in martial arts training. We’ll be happy also to post images and videos and we hope you enjoy it’s.
We wish you like this website, and if you have any notes or comments please let us know, your feedback help us a lot, thank you and enjoy. NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME, Welcome back to another new year with Kyokushin Karate for both existing students and those who will begin their martial arts journey with us. We have very experienced, internationally recognized instructors those who are give new innovations in learning and teaching the true Japanese Kyokushin Karate .

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