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SENSEI BEJOY KR. DHARA (Yon Dan Black Belt -JAPAN) Branch Chief (INDIA) of International Karate organization Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan, Honbu Japan.
Sensei Bejoy had been beginning his martial art training since 1984. At first he joined Boxing but his intense interest in KARATE, lead him to join Kyokushin Karate………..the ultimate strongest and famous full contact style of Karate in the World.
In April 1993 he appeared for the Shodan(Black Belt) Grading and got the rank of Black Belt 1st Dan. In 1994 Sensei Bejoy represented India for 6th all Asian open full contact Karate tournament and after that 1996 Sensei Officially invited from Japan for 7th Asian Karate tournament. Then after three years Sensei Bejoy appeared for Nidan (2nd Dan) Grading in the year of 1999 and got the rank of Black Belt 2nd Dan.
Sensei Bejoy opened his first DOJO at Budge Budge south 24 parganas in 1992. Sensei also participated as official Judge & Referee in many tournaments at ------ District, State, National and International level. Near about Two Thousand five hundred (2,500) students are training under the guidance of Sensei at different Dojos (Training Centre) and Schools. --------- His aim is take every possible step to advance and promote Kyokushin Karate in India.
As a result March 2013 finally Sensei Bejoy Kr. Dhara selected for official Dojo operator from INTERNATIONAL KARATE ORGANIZATION I.K.O. MATSUSHIMA KYOKUSHINKAIKAN WORLD HEAD QUATER – JAPAN and August 2013 Sensei Bejoy promoted for San Dan ( Black Belt 3rd Dan) by Shihan PalithaGalappaththi Branch chief – Srilanka and same year November Sensei Bejoy Kr. Dhararecived Branch Chief promotion from KACHO YOSHIKAZU MATSUSHIMA --President of I.K.O. Matsushima Kyokushinkaikan Karate Organization Japan.
• December 2016 Sensei Bejoy Visited Japan for ************************
(1). 5th I.K.O. Matsushima World open Kyokushin Karate Tournament.
(2). International Meeting.
(3). International Judging Seminer.
(4). Yon Dan (4th Degree) Black Belt Gradation Test …………Ultimately
Sensei Bejoy pass the test for 4th Degree Black Belt from KANCHO
• November 2018 Sensei Visited China with Two students AKASH BIJALI &
KRISHNENDU CHAKRABORTY for I.K.O. Matsushima 5th World weight
division Tournament.
• June 2019 Sensei Visited Myanmar with Two students KUNDAN JHA &
SHRAWAN KR. SINGH for I.K.O. Matsushima Asian pacific Karate Tournament.

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Our next Karate Gradation test will be held on 10th January 2021.